The (secret) All-In-One Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Tool that extremely successful entrepreneurs use but don't talk about.

Your (unfair) competitive advantage.

Have you ever wondered how to get thousands of new leads from all over the world or just in your city? You can buy them or find them using expansive and limited tools on the internet. This toolbox to generate leads has its own database of over 500 million regional businesses and is unlimited. No time limit, no lead limit. Unlimited power at your fingertip. Our tools help you search the world’s most popular business network and automatically write to contacts. You can find email addresses and collect them into lists for which you can build marketing automation campaigns. We have all the tools in one online portal „Accepted Leads„. We give you a powerful weapon to exceed your sales goals. 

Test it now for seven days free of charge!

Test it now without any risk. After seven days, the subscription is automatically terminated and there are no costs. If you still want to use your „competitive advantage“ afterwards, a small monthly fee will be due. You can, of course, cancel on a monthly basis. Unlike most other tools, as a paying customer you have no restrictions on use. There are no restrictions, neither in time nor in the number of leads. No hidden costs!

How does it work?


Let our tools collect e-mail addresses and phone numbers from websites, from its own database or from business networks. You also can store account info of your prospects in our CRM with built in lead scoring and different lists. (Pro-Hint: Use collected data as a look alike source for social ads to narrow down your target group.)


Whether you do a look alike campaign on a social network or use our campaign manager. It is crucial to know the different lead qualification steps and the messages to influence your potential customers. In case you use our toolset you know which links were clicked and therefore what your audience is interested in. You can now build a marketing automation which saves you valuable hours.


Now it is time to  convert your leads to paying customers. Up to this last step we provide you with cutting edge marketing technology to reach your sales goal. No matter if you are in B2B or B2C.

How does it look like?

One more thing!

One of the most effective marketing tools to collect valuable leads is a chatbot on your own website and guess what… It is included in this toolbox! No extra fees. Other providers charge several hunderd bucks a month for such a comprehensive chatbot. You can create as many chatbots as you like.


Supercharge your sales efforts right now!

Try 7-days for free and if you like it you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

Let me summarise: Free seven-day trial, fantastic opportunities to attract new customers and spot trends and you’re still not convinced? Then follow me on TikTok and see what this incredible toolbox can do for your business!